Brainstorm, prototype and sketch with Microsoft Whiteboard app (preview)

Part of the challenge of working with teams that are geo-distributed is having a tool to¬† work together and sketch or prototype new products or ideas together. Microsoft is previewing a new service, Microsoft Whiteboard app. The tool (at the time only available for Windows 10 users) allows you to have multiple people work with notes, images and free form drawing, this experience is much better if you have a touch screen but you can use your mouse to draw, drag or select elements on the whiteboard. Running a few tests I… Read More

New “Waffle” Menu in Office 365

Another day, another change in Office 365 land! This week the new waffle menu was made available to first release (first release allows Microsoft to push updates a bit faster on your tenant) users, I looked in my main tenant, and there it was, it all its glory! It’s a quite clean take on the apps menu that will not only bring your “pinned” apps but also recent/new documents you’ve viewed. The main benefits are: Cleaner UI Documents accessible from any area in Office 365 Pin/un pin certain Apps Other enterprise apps… Read More